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We're a vibrant community of tea enthusiasts brewing ideas to perfection. Like a carefully steeped cup of ginger tea, our team blends the finest elements of branding, advertising, and design to create a harmonious and refreshing experience for our clients. We believe in the transformative power of a well-brewed concept, leaving a lasting impression that's as memorable as a sip of our favorite ginger-infused blend.

Welcome to the aromatic world of GingerTea Branding, where creativity and strategy steep together, creating a delightful blend that awakens the senses. Cheers to a journey where every sip tells a story and every design evokes emotion.

Why Gingertea

Why Gingertea

Reach new and existing customers as they connect with people and find communities on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp.

Our Strategies
to Increase
Online Customer Engagement

We do

Find your ad objective

Objectives help to define your goals for campaigns and ads.It could be sales on your website, downloads of your app or increased brand awareness.

Understand your audience

Ads are most effective when they speak to the motivations of the people you're trying to reach.

Decide where and what to advertise

Whether you want to use video, images or words, there's an ad format ideal for telling your story.

Measure and learn from results

After your ad goes live, We track their performance and edit your campaign.

Why your brand need Gingertea Services

Why your brand need Gingertea services

Get the results that matter to your business

Increase your online sales

Drive purchases on your website, Facebook Instagram with sales ads


Increase your online sales

Drive purchases on your website, Facebook Instagram with sales ads


Drive engagement

Show ads to people likely to be interested in your business and get more engagement


Send more traffic

Get more visitors to your website or physical shopfront with traffic ads


Build awareness

Stay top of mind with your potential customers with awareness ads


Increase app installs

Get more users for your app with the app promotion


Give measurable results

You can easily check out the results and evaluate its performance


Analyse your competitors

Learn more about the marketing strategy used by your competitors


Reach global being local

Break stereotypes & geographical barriers, allows you to expand your business


Customer experience

Highly personalized customer experience by reaching through whatsapp in a click


Saves money

Reach more customers for less money


Brand Loyalty

Build brand loyalty among customers


How Gingertea Strategy Works

How Gingertea strategy works

Create content

Promote it

Measure results

Content Creation


Ad Media




Lead/ Customer

Gingertea expand your ad strategy

Gingertea Expand your Ad Creative Strategy

Enhance ad performance through adoption of new formats, placements and mediums.

Ad placements

Choose where people will see your ad.

Ad formats

Stay competitive with new formats and a mixed format creative strategy.

Visual design

Share what makes your brand unique with high-quality creative concepts.

Gingertea Ad formats

Gingertea Ad Formats

Adoption of new formats and a mixed format creative strategy will help your business stay competitive.

Brand Awareness Ads

Engagement Ads

Conversion Ads

Traffic Ads

Lead Generation Ads


Drive people to destination websites or apps through high-quality and engaging visuals.


Carousel ads to show different images of the same product.


Show off product features and draw people in with sound and motion. Capture attention in the first 3 seconds.

Collection Ads

Encourage shopping by displaying items from your product catalogue.

Gingertea evaluate Ad results

Gingertea Evaluate Ad Results

Here is how our reports can evaluate your brand.

Current performance

Review the number of results your campaigns achieved, determine a baseline from your current performance.

Compare different creatives

Use results metrics to which audiences, images or text options work best for your campaign.

Track conversions

Reliably see how many conversions your ads have generated.


Learn which ad creatives resonate with your key audiences, or which targeting strategy drives more conversions.


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